ELRC project expo on 15 November 2021 from 12:00 – 13:30 CET

In less than one week, representatives from research and industry will meet for META-FORUM 2021 – and ELRC will be part of it! The fully virtual event takes place between 15 and 17 November 2021 and focuses on “powerful and innovative Language Technology for the multilingual information society”. 

On 15 November, a virtual expo will take place between 12:00 and 13:30 CET, featuring twenty-five LT-related projects, including ELRC. So why not take a virtual walk through the exhibition hall during your lunch break next Monday? We would be happy to meet you at our booth in Gather Town, have a chat with you, exchange ideas and answer any questions you may have about the activities and vision of ELRC. Just as in “real life”, we will be there with lots of information material, including short clips, flyers, and presentations. Sounds good? Click here to register for free. 

Coming next @ ELRC

NOVEMBER 10    ELRC Workshop in Austria

NOVEMBER 15    ELRC booth @META-FORUM 2021

NOVEMBER 16    ELRC Workshop in Denmark

NOVEMBER 25    11th Meeting of the Language Resource Board

DECEMBER 1       ELRC Workshop in Cyprus 
DECEMBER 7       ELRC Workshop in Slovenia* 

*event page coming soon