After the kick-off of the new series of ELRC Country Workshops in Sweden in November 2020, ELRC travelled to eleven countries – with additional ones already in the pipeline. During the workshops, participants and speakers engaged in lively discussions about language-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI) and practices for language data management and sharing. By involving national experts from the public sector, academia, language technology (LT) industry and small businesses (SMEs), it was possible to get an updated picture of current practices and policies for language data management and the maturity and advances of LT in each country.

While the most important outcomes of the workshops will be included in the respective reports, they also provide the basis to bring our ELRC Country Profiles up to date. For each EU member state plus Iceland and Norway, the country profiles give an overview on national practices for sharing and managing language data, corresponding challenges, and necessary actions to support language equality in our multilingual Europe. The first version of the country profiles was published in November 2019 and is included in the ELRC White Paper “Sustainable Language Data Sharing to Support Language Equality in Multilingual Europe – Why Language Data Matters”.

But before we publish a fresh version of the country profiles, we will share some exclusive insights via social media with you. Join us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to follow the summer series “Did you know that…?”, starting in August 2021. If you are just as impatient as we are, check out the picture below to catch a glimpse on some of the latest findings!