What do you expect the future of Europe to look like? What would be important to you and what are your concerns? A platform to support the Conference on the Future of Europe opened on 19 April. This platform allows all EU citizens to engage in a multilingual discussion on topics directly concerned with shaping the future of Europe.

Thanks to eTranslation, the free and secure machine translation system provided by the European Commission, citizens can now share their ideas and expectations on the future of Europe in any of the 24 EU official languages. By doing so, Europeans can unite across languages and borders, they can react and comment on others’ contributions – and those who do not speak the same language as the contributor can simply request an automatic translation with only one click and answer in their own language. In addition, the platform gives an overview of online and in-person events nearby and allows users to organise and promote their own events related to the future of Europe.

The main ideas and recommendations raised on this platform will play an important role in shaping Europe, as they will be debated in European citizens’ panels and Conference Plenaries and help guide the future direction and policy making of the EU. Further information about the Conference on the Future of Europe is available here.

The integration of eTranslation into the Conference on the Future of Europe platform is a big move towards the multilingual future of Europe and a unique example of participatory democracy, as it allows all Europeans to speak up and be heard, independent of the language they speak. Language data collected by ELRC is one of the key ingredients for the development of eTranslation that makes the multilingual discussion possible. If you want to contribute, please share your data at www.elrc-share.eu.

The future is in your hands! Have your say and visit the platform at https://futureu.europa.eu.