eTranslation, the free and secure translation tool supported by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), has become over the years a benchmark for quality machine translations from and into all official EU languages – and much more. But the tool developers are not resting on their laurels: since the beginning of 2021, eTranslation users can benefit from various new features and updates.

One of the most remarkable features of eTranslation is the coverage of all 24 official EU languages, plus Norwegian, and Icelandic. This does not mean that other languages are not taken into consideration. This year, Japanese and Arabic joined the list of supported non-European languages, in addition to Russian and standard Chinese.

Above this, six languages have been upgraded with fresh data for better handling terms related to the on-going Covid-19 health crisis, along with new filtering feature to boost the deletion of obsolete terms and translations. Further updates improve the performance of the other languages and services on a continuous basis.

On top of machine translation, the CEF Language Tools family also includes Tweet translation and Named Entity Recognition, which has been expanded in 2021 to cover German in addition to English. Last but not least: in February, a new Speech-to-Text service was launched. This service offers transcription of all common sound or video formats into English, with additional languages to come soon.

More info about the eTranslation tools family can be found on the official CEF Digital page. Registered users can access the full range of eTranslation tools at https://language-tools.ec.europa.eu/.