As part of the CEF Telecom Programme, the Federated eTranslation TermBank Network Action aims to allow public organisations and institutions in EU Member States to deploy local terminology portals – “eTranslation TermBank federated node”, where users will be able to manage their terminology collections, share them with other users, and search for terms in private and publicly available terminology collections.

These nodes will be linked to the eTranslation TermBank, to ensure systematic synchronisation of  the terminology changes. This will allow a regular update of the terminological resources in the ELRC-SHARE repository for all EU official languages as well as Norwegian and Icelandic, while securing the correctness of the data available in both ELRC-Share repository and CEF eTranslation platform.

Above this, by delivering the open eTranslation TermBank federated nodes, the Action will help streamline accessibility of terminology resources and sharing practices throughout Europe.

The implementation phase will be started in June 2020 under the coordination of TILDE SIA (Latvia). Detailed information is available here through the INEA website.