CEF AT, MT@EC and translation needs in the public administration

eTranslation can substantially help make the translation process more productive and more efficient. EC translators are responsible for translating content into all official EU languages. In total, more than 7,000 translators working for DG Translation and EU institutions have translated more than 2.3M pages in 2014.
eTranslation is used daily for French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian to produce initial translations that are post edited in a very efficient way. For other languages (e.g. German) the quality level of the output is still too low.
In the last year, however, significant progress has been achieved through domain-specific engines. For domain-specific reports and texts, the quality of the translated output by eTranslation is acceptable. In other cases, the tool can rapidly scan long texts in a foreign language and point out passages to be translated by humans.
Overall, the translation quality is directly related to the availability of good quality data in the language: if the data for MT is good, then the MT system will be good.
eTranslation can provide SMEs with a cost effective solution to translate, for instance, daily conversations with foreign clients while continuing to use human translators for complicated texts needing perfect interpretation and understanding.