Barriers to the free flow of data have various causes: the legal uncertainty surrounding the emerging issues on ‘data ownership’ or control, (re)usability and access to/transfer of data and liability arising from the use of data[1]. There is a similar feeling of uncertainty with regard to the sharing of language data: The ELRC White Paper confirmed that legal uncertainty was among the top five obstacles that prevent the sharing of language data!

In collaboration with Baker McKenzie, TAUS has now published a corresponding guidance document “Who owns my language data? Realities, rules, regulations.” which aims to explain and review some international concepts of intellectual property law and data protection laws. The paper applies these concepts to language data and to the realities as anyone actively involved in translation management or producing translations experiences them in their daily practice.

Also, in case of any direct legal questions related to the use, collection, processing and sharing of language resources, the ELRC Helpdesk is always happy to help.