It’s summer time – we started the most wonderful season of the year with a tweet that fills us with pride: the European Commission through its official EU interpreters Twitter channel cited our initiative “Crisis response without borders” as success story! We feel very honoured and look forward to contributing to the #UkrainianLanguage support also in the future.

This acknowledgement gives us the right drive to continue working on our future projects during the vacation time:

  • The new ELRC White paper will be published soon. In its new edition entitled AI for multilingual Europe, we will provide insights into the main findings of the ELRC Country Workshops held in the last three years, as well as latest achievements on managing and sharing language data highlighted in the 2021 AI watch . Most importantly, we will illustrate prominent organisational, technical and institutional developments with regard to sharing and managing language data in comparison with the 2019 edition status quo, and give corresponding recommendations on what can still be done to achieve a truly sustainable language data sharing infrastructure in Europe.
  • Furthermore, on 9 November, the 12th LRB meeting of the European Language Resource Coordination will take place. The concluding big event of the ELRC project will be held in Prague during the EU Council presidency turn of the Czech Republic. Apart from the presentation of the ELRC White Paper, we will give an overview on the transition of ELRC to the new European Language Data Space (LDS).
  • Last but not least, the beta test phase of the eTranslation plug-in for automated website translation is over, and we will proceed with the promotional activities shortly. The plug-in will be officially released very soon, but in the meantime, the developers set up a public test page where you can already test how easy automated website content localisation can be.

As you can see, there are a lot of things going on in the coming months, and we will definitely keep you informed on how they evolve in the upcoming Newsletter issues. Stay up to date and subscribe now!