European Commission’s call for support: Crisis response without language borders


Through an urgent plea for language data, the European Commission is supporting the de-velopment of technologies to enable cross-border communication for helpers and refu-gees in the Ukraine crisis. Seamless communication is vital in crisis situations not only to allow for optimal coordination between helpers from different countries and Ukrainian ref-ugees, but also to prevent misunderstandings and the spread of misinformation throughout Europe.picture

Within the “Crisis response without language borders” initiative, ELRC is currently collecting data donations of bilingual and multilingual corpora for Ukrainian to and from all EU offi-cial languages. The language data collected is being used to train easily accessible, free and fast automatic translation systems, allowing direct translation between Ukrainian and EU official languages. This will not only be an immense help in easing communication across borders for helpers as well as refugees but will also maximise the effectiveness of the crisis response in general. 
Already on March 10, the first engines of the European Commission’s machine translation service eTranslation went live for Ukrainian to/from 24 EU official languages thanks to the EC’s great responsiveness. 


How you can help

Please support this initiative by 

  • sending relevant language data and/or related suggestions to the ELRC Secretariat ( or 
  • uploading your data sets directly to the ELRC-SHARE Repository at
  • spreading the word about “crisis response without language borders” by e.g. sharing our posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or by forwarding this flyer to potential data contributors. 

Any language data and/or pointers to relevant datasets would be immensely useful 
to overcome language barriers between Ukrainian and EU languages!

…Let’s strive for a crisis response without language borders!