On November 27, 2020, our Technology and Public Services Anchor Points, the partners of the ELRC Consortium and representatives from the European Commission came together from all across Europe for the 10th LRB Meeting.

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  Automatisch generierte BeschreibungThe ELRC Consortium used this meeting as an opportunity to present the new anonymisation specification, which aims to facilitate GDPR-compliant data sharing for potential data contributors. It addresses one of the most prominent concerns of data holders, for whom legal issues can often deter them from  sharing their data. With the support of the ELRC National Anchor Points and dedicated experts in the field of anonymisation, the goal of ELRC is to develop guidelines and best practices for GDPR-compliant data sharing. The anonymisation specification is expected to be finalised in 2021.

In addition, the LRB Meeting provided practical hints on the organisation of virtual ELRC Country Workshops. Even though the new format requires different strategies and technical means, the focus remains the same: Together with its community, ELRC wants to shape the multilingual future of all CEF countries by taking national experts, public administrations and SMEs on board. In doing so, ELRC is able to gain valuable country-specific insights such as expectations and challenges related to Language Technology and language data sharing. An overview of upcoming country workshops is available here. If you would like to know more about the contents of the 10th LRB Meeting, please visit http://www.lr-coordination.eu/lrb10, where you can access all presentations.

Apart from the aforementioned topics, the online event also presented the latest achievements of eTranslation and ELRC. But what happened in 2020? Have a look at the next article to find it out!