OCTOBER 20        ELRC Workshop in France

NOVEMBER 10     ELRC Workshop in Austria

NOVEMBER 16     ELRC Workshop in Denmark

NOVEMBER 25     11th Meeting of the Language Resource Board


… and many more events are currently in preparation! Stay updated at https://lr-coordination.eu/events

Looking forward to the 11th LRB Meeting: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!” (Helen Keller)

We are happy to let you know that on November 25, our Technology and Public Services Anchor Points, the ELRC consortium and the representatives from the European Commission representatives will get together for the 11th Meeting of the Language Resource Board (LRB). The virtual event will give a sneak peek on the Digital Europe Programme and the planned Language Data Space in DIGITAL. In addition to that, we will have a closer look at the role of Language Technology in current national AI Strategies across the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway and identify synergies and areas for collaboration. But there is even more: Participants will also get an insight into most recent ELRC achievements, including the latest ELRC Language Technology Specifications and Assessments: ELRC website translator, docker for text classification and the ELRC Multilingualism Scoring tool. In the afternoon, our experts will then meet the EC representatives individually to discuss current challenges, new developments, and ideas for the future. More information as well as the agenda will published on the ELRC website soon. 

You don’t belong to the target group of the LRB Meeting? No worries! Even though participation is restricted to the Language Resource Board, we want the ELRC community to be part of this. That’s why all presentations and major outcomes will be shared on our event page afterwards. Stay tuned!