The European Commission is preparing for the launch of the ‘Language Data Space’, a platform and a marketplace where the request for language resources and services will match the offer



This DIGITAL Programme initiative, presented at the 6th ELRC conference, will give stakeholders the opportunity to monetise their efforts in terms of language resources (data, tools, services, models, etc.), while also supporting the deployment of large language models and AI language technology services for their businesses, in one single marketplace. This will create an interconnected and competitive European data economy for the valorisation and re-use of language resources

To further promote the ‘Language Data Space’ and collect valuable insights, the European Commission is also organising a series of online workshops. They will target key stakeholders’ groups, giving them the chance to learn more about the ‘Language Data Space’ and share ideas and inputs on how to improve it. 

Here are the dates of the workshops that have been confirmed so far: 

Stakeholders’ Group Workshop Date

A few places are still available for the different stakeholders’ groups.

If you are interested, 
please send a short email to CNECT-LANGTECH@ec.europa.eu as soon as possible.

1. Newspapers and News Agencies  26 Apr 2022
2. Broadcasting Industry 28 Apr 2022
3. Publishing Industry  04 May 2022
4. Advertising Industry 10 May 2022
5. Libraries, Archives and Administrations 12 May 2022
6. Telecommunications Companies 17 May 2022
7. Language Technology Industry 19 May 2022

If you are interested, but do not fit into any of the business sectors in the table or if you want to know more about the workshop cycle and the ‘Language Data Space’ initiative, send us an email at CNECT-LANGTECH@ec.europa.eu. We will answer your questions and arrange further workshop sessions to cater for the largest number possible of interested parties

Come and find out what the Language Data Space has to offer for you!