In the context of a research project that focusses on building AI models for improving emergency call assistant systems, researchers found out that some emergency calls made in Germany were included in a TV program produced and showcased by a German broadcaster. 

A subsequent inquiry asking about the potential re-use of such data was submitted to the ELRC Helpdesk team that investigated several aspects of the intellectual property and copyright within the framework of the German law such as the data availability for research purposes, the creation of derivative work from public data, the redistribution of data, the copyright exceptions, etc. The findings regarding the re-use of data were very promising. For instance, it turned out that the German law allows to collect up to 15% copyright protected material for research. Moreover, data produced by public authorities can be separated from the copyright protected material in application of the PSI Directive. Even redistribution of data is allowed (1) for specific persons in the framework of their own research and (2) for third parties for research evaluation purposes.

The full analysis provided by the Helpdesk team can be found in the Use Case – Reuse of Emergency Calls embedded in TV Shows document.

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