When? 25 November 2021, 09:30 am to 14:45 pm CET (followed by individual sessions with the EC) 
Where? Zoom


On November 25, our Technology and Public Services Anchor Points, the ELRC consortium and representatives from the European Commission will get together for the 11th Meeting of the Language Resource Board (LRB)

The event will:  

  • Give a sneak peek on the Digital Europe Programme and the planned Language Data Space in DIGITAL

  • Showcase the role of Language Technology in European national AI strategies and identify synergies and areas for collaboration

  • Present an update on ELRC achievements, including the latest ELRC Language Technology Specifications and Assessments: ELRC website translator, docker for text classification and the ELRC Multilingualism scoring tool

In the afternoon, our National Anchor Points can book individual sessions with selected EC representatives to discuss current challenges, new developments and ideas for the future of Europe.  

The detailed agenda will follow soon. Please note that participation will be restricted to the Language Resource Board (i.e. ELRC National Anchor Points, ELRC consortium, EC representatives). If you belong to this target group, please register here. To keep the ELRC Community updated, we will publish all presentations and major outcomes on this website afterwards!  

For further information, please contact the ELRC Secretariat at info@lr-coordination.eu  

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