The ELRC action provides a range of services to public administrations, helping them to prepare language resources for submission to the European Commission. These services guarantee that the provided language resources will lead to higher quality machine translation systems in the eTranslation platform.

Language processing services

The processing of language resources is a complex, time-consuming activity. Fortunately, the ELRC consortium includes some of the world's leading experts in language resource processing. These experts' professional services are now available to public administrations throughout Europe as part of the ELRC action. Language processing services include the following:

  • data conversion (e.g., to plain text or XML)
  • tag removal
  • re-formatting
  • data extraction
  • cleaning and alignment
  • meta-data validation
  • anonymisation
  • and more

To learn more about the services provided by the ELRC consortium, contact us at:

On-site assistance

Public administrations and other data owners that possess language resources, but need assistance in processing these resources, can request on-site assistance from the ELRC consortium. A member of the ELRC consortium with special knowledge of the particular language processing issue will travel to meet representatives of your organization on-site to provide the required assistance. See the above section "Language processing services" for a list of available services.

Request on-site assistance