Save the Date: 2nd ELRC Country Workshop in Luxembourg


Artificial Intelligence for a Multilingual Society

Luxembourg is known for its multilingual environment: with three administrative languages (French, German and Luxembourgish), a multilingual population and a large number of cross-border workers, multilinguality is essential to the daily lives of citizens and visitors of Luxembourg. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Language Technologies (LT) can support such a multilingual society and help facilitate digital interaction – but what can AI and LT do for the Luxembourgish public and private sectors? The 2nd Luxembourgish ELRC Country Workshop, taking place on 11 December 2020 from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm CET will shed some light on this. Targeted at representatives from the public sector, public administrations and SMEs from Luxembourg, the workshop will invite its audience to an interactive discussion, provide latest insights into the functioning and customisation of eTranslation and present existing practices and challenges pertaining to the creation, management and sharing of language data. In addition to that, the event will showcase how our digital interactions can be transformed with the help of LT. Further details and the agenda are available at the workshop page. Interested? Register here to learn more about how Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence can shape the multilingual future of your country!