The 2nd CEF eTranslation Conference - My Europe. My Language. My Multilingual Services.


Last Wednesday (14 October) was all about the topic “My Europe. My Language. My Multilingual Services”: The 2nd CEF eTranslation Conference gave detailed insights into eTranslation and the latest additional tools and services for a multilingual Europe. Due to Covid-19, the event had to be transferred into the digital world – so that, for the first time, the eTranslation conference did not take place in one single country, but almost all countries across Europe

The great interest in the conference proved that multilinguality has never been more important and that the need for language technology solutions is steadily increasing. More than 200 people participated in the conference to learn more about smart eTranslation applications and the use and customisation of eTranslation. Moreover, the latest results of the eTranslation user survey were presented, which shed some light on the needs and expectations of potential and/or current eTranslation users. In addition, the “Technology Watch” showcased latest multilingual tools and services, including e.g. summarization and anonymization. After each session, participants were invited to share their questions and comments via the chat, which led to lively discussions and an insightful exchange of experiences and ideas. One major discussion point proved to be the quality of eTranslation output – how to determine it, how to best indicate it and for end-users how to deal with it. A corresponding follow-up brainstorming session with interested participants is organised by DFKI for the first week of November.

Once more, we would like to thank all participants and speakers for their active involvement in the conference. If you would like to catch up, you can find all information as well as the recording and the presentations here.