Register now: eTranslation Workshop “My Multilingual Services – powered by AI”


Between 5 and 22 October, the 18th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities will take place focussing on three central issues: Empowering Citizens (5-9 October), Cohesion and Cooperation (12-16 October) and Green Europe, in cooperation with the Green week (19-22 October). All 500 sessions, bringing together regions and cities from all over Europe, will be held virtually.

The eTranslation Online Workshop “My Multilingual Services – powered by AI” will showcase the latest governmental language technology (LT) applications that support communication and multilinguality in the public sector, allowing public services and administrations - as well as their citizens - to truly communicate without borders. Even more, the workshop will provide detailed insights into the adaptation of eTranslation as part of the German EU Council Presidency Translator and present latest solutions for automated post-editing, crowdsourcing and latest government voice bots and chatbots. The workshop will be part of the week on Cohesion and Cooperation and is scheduled for 13 October 2020, from 02:30 to 04:00 pm CEST (via Zoom).

To get more information about the workshop programme and to register for this free online event, please have a look at the event page. Registration will close on 27 September 2020, so don’t miss the chance to reserve your virtual seat in time!