eTranslation 2020 Survey: Let’s shape the future of eTranslation together and provide your feedback!




eTranslation, the European Commission's free and secure automatic translation service, is now also covering Russian and Chinese translation in addition to all EU official languages, Norwegian and Icelandic. But why these two languages? Because European SMEs needed them!

In order to collect further multilingual requirements of European SMEs and public administrations, our eTranslation 2020 survey was published here.

To pave the way for the future of eTranslation, the survey focusses on how satisfied current users are with the machine translation service and which features they would like to see introduced. In addition, the survey targets representatives from European SMEs and public administrations who are interested in using the European Commission’s translation services in the future. The feedback from both potential and actual users about their multilingual requirements and prioritised functionalities will be key for the future development and the extension of the CEF eTranslation offering.

What languages, tools and developments would you need? And how satisfied are you with eTranslation? Let us know by participating in this short (less than 10-minute) survey!