ELRC provides support in COVID-19 crisis


With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world is facing a number of major challenges. Government and health authorities need to share all relevant information and act fast to get the situation under control. The latest medical advice need to be shared with the people across the world to help them through this crisis – regardless of their location and the language they speak. Besides, as more and more people are asked to stay at home, the use of social media has significantly increased.

A recent article published by the Horizon Magazine provides interesting details about the current extent and dangers of misinformation and language barriers in the COVID-19 crisis. In order to support fast information exchange and accurate communication in all EU official languages plus Icelandic and Norwegian, the European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) has contributed to a collaborative COVID-19 initiative. This initiative aims at discovering, processing and making available language resources (LR) and language tools supporting the development of urgently needed applications and services in relation to the pandemic (see Figure 1 below). So far, 97 resources have been contributed by ELRC using automatic web crawling and deep learning techniques!


Figure 1: Major actions of the collaborative COVID-19 initiative

In order to support this important initiative and to contribute additional resources or tools, please visit the COVID-19 special section of the ELRC-SHARE.