ELRC @Translation Europe Forum: Data sharing - a data market place?


On 8-9 November 2018, the 5th edition of the Translating Europe Forum took place in Brussels. Overall, around 500 language professionals from the language industry, academia and the public sector gathered and critically discussed the role of translation in the age of data. Many more participants followed the event online via live web stream. In a panel moderated by Ana Gueberof, the invited experts Jaap van der Meer from TAUS, Andrea Lösch from the European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC), and the freelance translator Muriel Matiussi-Kirchhof evaluated one of the key concerns of this year’s TEF: The potential of sharing language resources as part of a corresponding data market place. Could small language service providers (LSPs) and freelancers actually leverage the data they produce or would this only be possible for big players in the market? And what are the options for sharing translations given possible legal limitations (confidentiality, GDPR etc.)? While for the re-use of translations corresponding licensing conditions can be agreed, the situation for data from the public sector is easier because of the European legislation on the re-use of public sector information (PSI Directive). To facilitate the remuneration of non-public data, blockchain and micropayments may present useful solutions.

The panel discussion including the detailed answers to these and many other questions was recorded and can be viewed online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WgaEglCoAo&feature=youtu.be.