ELRC Experience Café at SEMIC 2018


„Imagine someone from Warsaw moves to Sofia and all the necessary paperwork can be easily done digitally with a simple "click”, envisions Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society in her keynote at the SEMIC conference in Sofia on 14th June, 2018. The conference was themed around "Linked Digital Public Administrations" and focused on how public administrations, businesses and citizens can benefit from sharing and linking data.

The ELRC consortium, represented by Aivars Berzins of Tilde and Lilli Smal of DFKI showcased the ELRC initiative at the project corner illustrating how sharing language data will help public services and citizens alike to communicate cross-border despite linguistic differences.  

Speakers attending the event included high-level public servants from several European Countries, Brazil, Uruguay and Japan, as well as top officials from the European Commission.

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