ELRC Experience Café at LREC 2018


This year, from 9-11 May, the ELRC project was widely presented to over 1000 participants at the "Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation”, LREC 2018one of the major international conferences about language resources.

Different aspects and achievements of the ELRC project were showcased in various poster sessions and highlighted by Gail Kent, Director for Data, EC DG Connect, in her speech about “Language Resources for a Multilingual Europe”. In addition, participants could raise their questions about the project at the ELRC booth where the ERLC consortium could share the message about how sharing and creating language resources can bridge the language gap in Europe’s public services.

We shared some impressions of the event on our twitter account here.

For additional information on the presented posters, please see:

“Collecting Language Resources from Public Administrations in the Nordic and Baltic Countries”

“Discovering Parallel Language Resources for Training MT Engines”

“European Language Resource Coordination: Collecting Language Resources for Public Sector Multilingual Information Management”

“Managing Public Sector Data for Multilingual Applications Development”