10th LRB Meeting

Save the Date: 10th LRB Meeting (27 November 2020)  

We are pleased to announce that the next LRB Meeting will take place on 27 November 2020 from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm CET (via Zoom). Due to the current circumstances, this will be the second LRB meeting that will be held online. Still, we are confident that we can bridge our geographical distance by getting together from all across Europe in a virtual way. At the 10th LRB Meeting, we invite our ELRC National Anchor Points to:

  • Check out and evaluate the new Anonymisation Specification for the eTranslation platform;

  • Gain insights into the results and the latest planning for the ELRC Social Media Campaign; 

  • Learn more about new online workshop options, including live interpretation, online polls and more.

In the afternoon, the National Anchor Points can sign up for individual meetings with the European Commission and/or participate in personal Zoom training sessions to get acquainted with Zoom and the organisation of virtual ELRC Country Workshops.

The agenda will be published shortly. We kindly ask all members of the Language Resource Board to reserve their virtual seat.

Reserve your virtual seat

Please note that the LRB Meeting is an invitation-only event to which only the members of the Language Resource Board and their representatives will be admitted.