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Relevant documents and guidelines

If you are involved or would like to be involved in ELRC activities, this section aims to provide you with useful guidelines and documents to make your work with ELRC and project process more effective and efficient.


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The Resource Collection Guidelines

The term language resources refers to sets of language data and descriptions in machine readable form, including written and spoken corpora, grammars, and terminology databases. The Resource Collection Guidelines provide step by step manual on how to be involved in ELRC initiative and how to contribute language resources for improvement of eTranslation DSI.


The ELRC Workshop FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) prepared in this document are based on the actual questions from workshop participants and National Anchor Points raised during the ELRC workshops and LRB meeting. This guide intends to give an overview of typical questions that may be raised during ELRC events and corresponding responses across the different themes.

The ELRC Data Validation Guidelines

“Validation” is understood as the quality control of a Language Resource against a list of relevant criteria. The goal of these guidelines is to provide a methodology for validating donated and crawled data collected within the project.