Successful 8th Meeting of the Language Resource Board in Amsterdam


Successful 8th Meeting of the Language Resource Board in Amsterdam

On 27 and 28 March 2019, ELRC‘s Language Resource Board held its 8th LRB Meeting – this time in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The meeting received great support from the European Commission as it was chaired by June Lowery-Kingston, Head of Unit G.3 Accessibility, Multilingualism and Safer Internet, Philippe Gelin, Head of Sector Multilingualism, and Ainars Freimanis, the corresponding Programme Manager. Following the mesmerizing welcome address by June Lowery-Kingston, the meeting started off with a spotlight on data collection activities in the Netherlands: Prof. Jan Odjik (Dutch Technology National Anchor Point for ELRC), Michel Verhagen (terminologist from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Piet van den Berg (technology expert from RINIS Foundation) provided valuable insights into practices and difficulties of  sharing of language resources in the Dutch public administration.

Further interesting and astonishing country reports were presented by the Danish Public Service National Anchor Point Sabine Kirchmeier from the Danish Language Council, by Alexandra Soska, Public Service National Anchor Point from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community of Germany, by the Director of the Press and Information Office of Cyprus Sophie Michaelidis, and by the Italian National Anchor Point tandem Prof. Simonetta Montemagni from the National Research Council and Claudia Foti from the Ministry of Justice.

At the heart of the meeting, the regional working groups elaborated on several key questions: what are the main challenges when it comes to data sharing, what actions should be taken to address them and what support is needed in order to build sustainable data supply chains? Overall, the event fostered the sharing of experiences, information and knowledge and facilitated the creation of synergies between the different countries and projects across Europe, thus boosting the visibility and usability of eTranslation.

All presentations are available on the events website: