2nd ELRC Conference

2nd ELRC Conference

 26.10.2016, Brussels


Target audience

The ELRC conference targets public service administrators and representatives of public sector bodies in all CEF affiliated countries. This includes in particular potential holders and/or users of language resources, such as responsibles for translation services, representatives of information offices and/or public relation offices, responsibles for data and data management. ELRC intends to attract at least three representatives from each country. Since the number of seats is limited (120), the conference will not be public but invitation-based. Invitations should be issued by the EC.

Focus and contents

The central goal of this conference is to support the sharing of language resources from public service administrations across all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland. As such, the ELRC conference will:

Demonstrate the benefits and possibilities of machine translation for public service administrations and raise awareness on the importance of corresponding data and language resources: Experts from the different stakeholders (including both translators in the public service administration as well as LSPs) will provide clear and hand-on accounts from their day-to-day practice of how MT is being used and with which benefits. Moreover, there will be a direct demonstration of the role of data for the quality of MT, showing what can be achieved with the right data.

Illustrate what kind of data is needed and how public service administrations can provide such data: Best practice examples and practical experiences of data donation from prominent national ministries and public service administrations will be given. Moreover, an overview of the status of data collection in all countries will be given by ELRC. Questions linked to the provision of data will be raised and answered by an international panel of experts.

Give and insight into the services of the CEF Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) that should in the future be available to public service administrations in a multi-lingual manner. Practical illustration of prominent DSIs (e.g. European Data Portal, Online Dispute Resolution Platform etc.) will be provided including in particular an overview of the multilingual requirements and where applicable their implementation within the particular DSIs.



To participate in the 2nd ELRC Conference, please register online


Support to travel costs

ELRC can reimburse your travel costs (hotel plus transport) up to a maximum amount of 500 EUR. Travel costs can only be reimbursed after successful participation in the conference and provision of corresponding receipts for hotel and transportation. You will receive all relevant information on the reimbursement procedure once you register.