4th LRB Meeting


4th LRB Meeting


28th of March 2017


Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof Airport (Berlin)

Following the Inception Meeting with the European Commission on 16th and 17th of January, the ELRC Consortium is now in the process of organizing the next series of local ELRC Workshops in all EU member and CEF-affiliated states.

To provide the best possible support and guidance to our National Anchor Points in the tasks ahead, the ELRC Consortium would like to invite all National Anchor Points to the next Meeting of the ELRC Language Resource Board (LRB), which will take place in Berlin (Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof Airport), on 28th of March 2017.

The meeting is meant to make all NAPs acquainted with the new workshop concept. It will not only give you an idea of the contents of each workshop but it will also provide participants with practical hints and tips on all matters related to the actual preparation and conduct of the workshops. Most importantly, the Meeting will provide direct answers to any questions National Anchor Points may have.

The preliminary agenda is available here.  For all National Anchor Points, the ELRC will cover the costs for transport and accommodation up to a maximum of 500 EUR.  The corresponding reimbursement form will be made available to in due time.

For further questions, please get directly in touch with the ELRC Secretariat (elrc-secretariat@dfki.de, +49 681 8 57 75-52 85). We look very much forward to hearing from you.